Faucet Browser - Claim free crypto quickly

Faucet Browser

Claim free crypto quickly

Grab your free Bitcoin and crypto from more than 15 top faucet websites all in one convenient browser!

Faucet Browser is a web browser designed to make claiming free bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from faucet websites easier and faster. It gives you quick access to the most popular and trusted faucets.


Browse multiple faucets
Switch between faucets with a convenient dropdown list

Countdown timers
Each faucet has a dedicated countdown timer with notifications so you know when it's time to claim again

Starred favourites
Mark your favourite faucets with a star and seamlessly switch between your favourites

Reorder the faucet list
Reorder the faucets from your most favourite to your least favourite to streamline your daily faucet surfing flow

Custom faucets and URLs
Add and browse your own faucets not listed in the app, or add any URL you like on the Custom page

Twitter newsfeed
Get the latest news and info from our faucet websites on Twitter with a dedicated feed on the Home page. Don't ever miss a promo code again!

Crypto Chart
Open the Tradingview chart from the Home page to track the value of your crypto in real-time. Defaults to BTCUSD - Bitcoin US Dollar currency pair.

The notepad is great for copy-pasting without having to switch tabs. Or use the notepad for anything you like. Completely offline and private.

No in-app ads!

Inside you'll find Cointiply, Fire Faucet, Faucet Crypto, CoinPayU, AutoFaucet, FreeBitcoin, Free Faucet, FaucetPay, BigBTC, and ClaimFreeCoins!

If you are new to the crypto environment, earning free bitcoin is a great, low-risk way to start your crypto journey and learn about this revolutionary technology.

Frequently asked questions:

What is a faucet website?

Like an actual faucet drips water, faucet websites give away small amounts of cryptocurrency at regular intervals. In addition, most faucet websites also offer the opportunity to earn extra cryptocurrency, or crypto for short, by completing simple tasks like viewing ads and videos, taking surveys, or installing apps.

Can faucet websites make me rich?

Faucet websites will definitely not make you a millionaire overnight so don't expect to get rich quickly. However, consistently earning micro cents over time and investing it wisely can one day turn your faucet drips into a raging river of interest-bearing capital.